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Why Participate at HCC 2019?

 The only dedicated technical platform addressing the safety management of hazardous chemicals in China

  Multitude of official supporters from home and abroad

  Aggressive media coverage and promotions

  High-profile Forum focusing on the Safety Production, Storage and Logistics Management of Hazardous Chemicals

Market Review

China witnesses its annual output of oil and petro-chemicals values at RMB 5,300 billion ( equal to USD805 billion ) with a total of 42 thousands kinds of products. Its import and export volume amounted to RMB1,900 billion, among which over 80% comes from hazardous chemicals, accounting one fifth of the global consumption. This highlights the increasing growth trend of demands from various industrial sectors. In China there are a registered number of a total of 260,000 companies in this hazardous chemical Sector. There are a good estimated number of registered transport vehicles at 300,000 and 370 shipping berths of ten thousand- tonnage.

A statistics from China Federation of Petro Oil and Chemicals Industry shows that 83% are from the chemicals in the national publication list of “ High-pollution and High Environmental Risk  Products “ and over 50% are listed as the dangerous disposed wastes. Another statistics shows that there were 31 serious accidents of plants explosives and leaking accidents in the world in 206, while 25 explosive accidents were from China, one in USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Mexico respectively. This is a strong alarm signal to the Chinese hazardous chemicals industry. Below is the Chart showing the number of hazardous chemicals manufacturers in the top 6 provinces and cities in China.

These six provinces and cities have the most concentrated industrial areas of hazardous chemicals manufacturers in China. Zhejiang is top 3 of the largest provinces among all of the manufacturers in China with a total of 1653 companies in 2016. Shandong ranks the No. 1, and Jiangsu at No. 2. and Zhejiang at No.3.