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The 9th Seminar on Warehouse Construction and Safety Operation of Hazardous Materials

Internet + Hazardous Chemicals Management Forum

Conference Agenda

3th September 2018 P.M             Conference Registration

4th September 2018                     All Day Conference

5th September 2018                    Half day Conference

Conference Venue

Sorl Hotel Hangzhou (http://www.sorlhotel.com)

1299 Zhijiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Conference Theme

Update on Hazardous Chemicals Policy in China

Pressing Issues and Views on Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management

Updates on International Standard, Legal regulations and Advanced Technology for European Hazardous Goods Warehousing

A Case Study of Leading Hazardous Chemicals Warehouse

Status & Trend of Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Chains

The Safety Planning for Hazardous Chemicals Industry Park based on Risk-control

The Risk Management of Hazardous Chemicals Industry Park

Construction of Smart Hazardous Chemicals Industry Park

Internet+ Upgrading Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals Industry Park

An Update on Legal Regulations of Hazardous Chemicals Land Transportation

Pressing Issue and Views of Hazardous Chemicals Transport Safety Management

Hazardous Chemicals Storage & Transport Safety and Emergency  Reaction Plan

Hazardous Chemicals Smart Logistics Chain Platform in Its Applications and Deployment

Internet of Things Applicable in the Hazardous Chemicals Logistics

For the Conference schedule, please Email Jerry@ait-events.com