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A National Migration of Chemical Enterprises into HC Industrial Zones by 2017

       On December 29, 2017, Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information recalled a quick implementation plan for all the hazardous chemicals enterprises all cities nationwide to migrate to the HC industrial Zones at a Working Seminar in Beijing. This is the second meeting of recalling the executing < Guiding Proposal for All Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises Migration to the HC Industrial Zones at Population-concentrated Cities > within a short period after TV Tele-Conference by Ministry of Industry and Information and National Administration of Safety Production Supervision on December 15.

       These two meetings stressed the implementation of < Guiding Proposal > to call the petro-chemical enterprises to migrate to the Industrial Zones.

       < Guiding Proposal > has disclosed three national surveys conducted which included a total 957 migration projects with a total value of RMB754 billion by end of 2016. These projects have been designed in an E-mapping Layout.

       Before the actual migration, some statics released by Jiangsu Province show that this Province has 7,372 petro-chemical enterprises listed as the HC category classification. There are 56 provincial petro-chemical industry zones (or concentrated zones ) with 24 such zones located in the 8 river-bordered cities which have 1,200 enterprises. Over 60% revenue of comes from the petro-chemicals business in the above 8 cities. By 2020, over 50% of these enterprises should migrate to the Industrial Zones.

       Following Jiangsu Province, there are more provinces that have released their execution plan of migration, such as Tianjin, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan and XiAn City.

       Fujian Provincial Administration of Safety Production Supervision submitted a migration plan of 29 HC enterprises into the Zone in 2017.

      On December 21, 2017, Hubei Province proposed to the Public with its Migration Plan of HC Enterprises with a list of 145 HC enterprises.

      On December 25, 2017, Tianjin Municipal Government launched < Tianjin Promoting the Migration and Renovation Plan for HC Enterprises in the Population-concentrated Urban Districts >. This Plan set a clear deadline within one month that all related local Governments at district-levels should design an overall plan of migration, including specific goal, implementation schedule, method of organization, responsibilities sharing and budget as well as the settlement of the employees and the safe execution measures.

     On December 23, 2017, Shandong Province approved < Shandong Municipal Management Method of Authorizing Specialized Chemicals Industrial Zones>. This Management Method specified the contents and conditions of authorizing specialized chemical industrial zones, and stipulated the exam and test standards focusing on management of pesticides, paints, water treatment agents and bio-chemicals of the refined chemicals as well as the chemical new materials.

      In Anhui Province, some supporting policies on land of property allocation were approved at local administrative levels in order to facilitate the migration. In the case of industrial land of property after the migration, the local governments can collect as the reserved land or the enterprises can handle to resell and transfer the usage right under the condition of complying with the urban planning and transfer condition; in case of changing the purpose of property, with the approval from the authorities, the land of property can be transferred in the contract deals for service-oriented businesses supported by the Central Government. The term of using is at 5 years without changing the purpose of the land, but increasing the utility ratio and the construction space ratio at no cost.

      According to the statics of Chemical Industrial Zone Committee of China Federation of Petro-Oils and Chemistry, there is only 8% of super-large and large-sized HC chemical industrial zones among the total amount of national HC chemical industrial zones. Some of the super-large and large-sized zones are at the stage of promoting and initial construction. By December 13, 2017, this Federation released its report on “China Investment Promotion of Chemicals Industry – a Guide Line of Entry and Investment of Chemicals Industrial Zones Projects. This Report set its proposal on the industrial policies, economic and technical specs. of energy-saving, environmental analysis and safety evaluation.

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